Qingdao Zhongzhida Environmental Protection Melting Equipment Co., Ltd.

      Founded in August 1990, it covers an area of 60,000 square meters and is divided into two factories in the north and south. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales. The company mainly produces large tonnage (10T/H and above). ) External hot blast long furnace age cupola system, molten iron intelligent transfer system, automatic pouring machine, foundry smoke and dust control system, electric furnace supporting equipment, pouring and supporting equipment (metal ladle, ladle, roasting ladle, electric flat car), And a variety of products such as rock wool/slag wool production line, the products are sold at home and abroad.

1990 Year
Company establishment
Obtained a patent
National standards and industry standards
  • Product Series

  • External hot air long furnace age cupola system

  • Hot metal intelligent transfer system

  • Automatic pouring machine

  • Smoke and dust control system in foundry workshop

  • An integrated system for automatic feeding of electric furnaces and smoke removal, dust removal and emission reduction

  • Pouring and supporting equipment

  • Rock wool/slag wool production line

  • Product Center

    Qingdao Zhongzhida Environmental Protection Melting Equipment Co., Ltd. has many years of experience in the research and development, production and installation of cupolas, presided over the drafting or revision of a number of cupola standards, and has a number of cupola related patents. Product categories include: hot-blast long-life cupola (including internal heating and external heating), special cupola for rock wool production line, etc.

New center

Thank you for having you-the 18th Anniversary Celebration of the Founding of Zhongzhida Company and the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Company

2015 is a year worthy of our recollection. In this year, Zhongzida Company has been developing and changing every day. This year is also a year for Zhongzida Company to become In the 18th anniversary of the establishment, looking back on the company's growth process, I am full of emotions, with hope in laughter and tears. As the company continues to develop, our team...

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